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IT is still too often perceived as a simple “cost” to the organization, a back-office function bringing no added value to the business. We make it our mission to demonstrate how IT can actually be a powerful enabler for your business and help improving communicationdriving up efficiency, increasing flexibility or giving your organization a competitive edge while reducing costs.

At OViX Tech we design, implement, migrate and maintain all sizes and types of demanding IT infrastructures (from single location to worldwide distributed, from standalone servers to highly redundant environments), bringing in our expertise and our knowledge of a wide range of technologies, to meet all your business needs.


Thibault Blanc

Thibault Blanc

Founder & CEO

Thibault founded OViX Tech in December 2016. Prior to this he cumulated over 9 years of hands-on experience in the IT industry in Switzerland, as a System Engineer, leading and driving forward projects requiring multidisciplinary expertise and innovation. He personally designed and implemented global, enterprise-grade, IT infrastructures for demanding clients, highly dependent on technology.

As CEO, Thibault is in charge of supervising and controlling all strategic and business aspects of the company. He also continues leading key tech projects to indulge his passion.

Jordan Laurent

Jordan Laurent

Partner & Solutions Director

Jordan created his first IT service company while he was still an engineering student and now has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He has a proven track record in leading large cloud & digital transformation projects and helped many Swiss & International organizations transition to an empowering, digital, modern workplace.

As Partner & Solutions Director, Jordan is leveraging his communication and leadership skills to drive business development, manage strategic partnerships and contributes to the delivery of challenging projects with strong business benefits.

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