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Many companies implement external growth strategies, relying on mergers and acquisitions, to reach their growth goals. Similarly, other companies resort to spin-offs to fund additional acquisitions or increase market reach. These transitions come with great challenges (and opportunities) and properly integrating (or “splitting”) both companies Information Systems is essential.

At OViX Tech, we believe that to be successful these types of strategic transitions require an in-depth technical expertise but also a more global and functional approach. We are convinced that dealing with change management or governance, to only name two additional aspects, is also key. This is why we have developed our IT M&A framework.
OViX Tech’s IT M&A framework includes tailored software solutions, bringing in automation and enhanced discovery capabilities, and an advanced transition management toolkit that goes beyond the technical aspects with purpose-built tools (governance game, strategic score cards, performance reports…) to facilitate these transitions.

Additionally, we leverage our knowledge of a wide range of technologies to design, implement, migrate and maintain the next generation of IT infrastructures :

  • centralized or worldwide distributed
  • internal, private, hybrid or public cloud based
  • simple or highly available


Thibault Blanc

Thibault Blanc

Founder & CEO

Thibault founded OViX Tech in December 2016. Prior to this he cumulated over 9 years of hands-on experience in the IT industry in Switzerland, as a System Engineer, leading and driving forward projects requiring multidisciplinary expertise and innovation. He personally designed and implemented global, enterprise-grade, IT infrastructures for demanding clients, highly dependent on technology.

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